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Arizata LLC(Company Profile)WIP


More clients to fulfill their dreams, more creators to earn money, and more people to laugh and work with!


  • Contracted development of applications and systems
    • Requirement definition, consulting, UIUX design, and contracted development for iOS / Android / Web / IoT applications.
  • Contracted development of NoCode prototypes
    • bubble, Adalo, webflow, airtable, Notion, etc.
  • Offshore development and consulting
    • Semi-contracted contract to assist you as a director.
  • In-house Services
    • Back Office DX and Project Management DX packages
    • Apartment with organic deli



We run a skill improvement community called "smore."
We create apps for self-learning within the community and hold monthly LT meetings to deepen our IT industry knowledge.
We also have a monthly LT meeting to deepen our IT industry knowledge.
If you would like to join us, please click the URL below. (Japanease only)


Tokyo, Japan